Do you have some Questions?

Yes, it is legal to travel to Cuba with organizations licensed by the U.S. Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) like Cuba Life Travels, LLC. Please see the Federal Register.

Cuba Life Travel, LLC is licensed by OFAC, License No.: CT-2014-312791-1.

Yes, you will need a visa to enter and depart Cuba. Our organization will provide this visa for all of our travelers as part of our package.

Cuba is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. This is a unique opportunity to have a first hand education on what Cuban people do in a people to people contact .

Yes, it is safe to travel to Cuba and in within Cuba; but one must be remain vigilant, and safety-conscious as any international traveler.

You could purchase a tour from our website or contact us either by phone or email to make reservations at: Jasmin@CubaLT.com/Caridad@Cubalt.com or 202-810-2825.

The owners and program directors of Cuba Life Travels, LLC have deep roots within Cuba. Our Manager used to be a tour guide in Cuba for 20 years. You will have a people-to-people experience like no other. The exposure gained through our organization will be immeasurable.

Cuba is a Caribbean country so the weather is always warm. The best times to travel are from September to June. The summer months may be too hot for some.

Pack summer clothes, comfortable footwear, first aid medication items and travel documents.

Compatible device with domestic telephone service required.

Cuba is now accepting U.S. Dollar. You have to purchase the equivalent of a credit card to use money at certain stores in Cuba. You may exchange money at the airport, hotel or Cadeca.